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An Intentional Scandal Naver Webtoon Manga

Welcome to, your premier destination for the captivating “An Intentional Scandal Naver Webtoon Manga“. Immerse yourself in the world of deliberate scandals, fame, and ambition as you follow Jaehui and Seonjae’s thrilling journey through the cutthroat entertainment industry. Experience the power of media manipulation, the blurred lines between reality and fiction, and the consequences of manufactured narratives. Stay tuned for the latest updates and indulge in the gripping storyline of “An Intentional Scandal” in the article below

An Intentional Scandal Naver Webtoon Manga
An Intentional Scandal Naver Webtoon Manga

I. Information of the series An Intentional Scandal

An Intentional Scandal Naver Webtoon Manga

An Intentional Scandal

  • Original name: 고의적 스캔들
  • Author: Seo Hye-eun
  • Genre: Drama, Josei, Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Chapter Number: 46
  • Country: Korea
  • Release year: 2022
  • Views: 23,235

II. Contents of the series

An Intentional Scandal” is a story about Jaehui and his younger brother, Seonjae. Seonjae undergoes a surprising transformation, catching the attention of everyone around him. Jaehui is both fascinated and bewildered by the changes in Seonjae’s appearance and demeanor.

Curiosity prompts Jaehui to confront Seonjae about his transformation, and he learns that Seonjae has been involved in a project called an “intentional scandal.” A talent agency has approached Seonjae with an opportunity to change his image completely for a role in a drama, with the aim of launching his acting career.

Jaehui expresses concern about the risks involved in this plan. Seonjae explains the agency’s strategy to generate buzz and media attention, but also acknowledges the potential damage to his reputation. The brothers discuss the intricacies of the plan, contemplating ways to control the narrative and manage the public scrutiny.An Intentional Scandal Naver Webtoon Manga

As time passes, Seonjae’s transformation continues, and the intentional scandal gains momentum. Whispers about his controversial personal life fill the media, setting the stage for the scandal’s eventual unveiling. Seonjae and Jaehui prepare themselves for the storm that awaits, carefully orchestrating a series of events to expose the truth behind the scandal.

The story culminates in the revelation that the scandal was an elaborate act designed to boost Seonjae’s career. As the truth emerges, the media frenzy reaches its peak, leading to a turning point in Seonjae’s life and career. Throughout the process, Jaehui witnesses his once familiar younger brother evolve into someone different, embarking on a path of self-discovery and professional growth.

III. Read An Intentional Scandal Naver Webtoon Manga chap 1

Jaehui found himself caught up in the exhilarating atmosphere and couldn’t resist joining in. He witnessed a surprising transformation taking place.

He couldn’t believe his eyes. A person appeared who defied all expectations—a towering height, a small face, broad shoulders, and perfect proportions. The delicate and captivating beauty of this individual caught everyone’s attention.

Jaehui couldn’t fathom what he was seeing. This person shouldn’t be here. He stared fixedly at Seonjae, his younger brother, who met his gaze and offered a subtle smile.

Seonjae, the beloved brother he had known for ten years, had begun to change, little by little!

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An Intentional Scandal Naver Webtoon Manga

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V. Characters in the story

Trong truyện “An Intentional Scandal”, có hai nhân vật chính:

  • Jaehui: Nhân vật chính, anh trai của Seonjae. Jaehui đã biết Seonjae trong suốt mười năm và là người bị cuốn vào sự thay đổi bất ngờ của em trai mình. Anh trải qua sự phát triển và tương tác với Seonjae trong quá trình dự án gây sốc.
  • Seonjae: Nhân vật chính, em trai của Jaehui. Seonjae là người bắt đầu trải qua một sự thay đổi đáng ngạc nhiên và được đề nghị tham gia vào dự án gây sốc. Anh trải qua sự phát triển cá nhân và tìm kiếm sự thay đổi trong hành trình nghệ thuật của mình.

Jaehui và Seonjae là hai nhân vật chính quan trọng trong truyện, họ cùng nhau tạo nên cốt truyện và trải qua sự phát triển, đối mặt với các thách thức và khám phá về bản thân.An Intentional Scandal Naver Webtoon Manga

VI. Readers’ comments about the series

An Intentional Scandal” is an engaging and intriguing series that explores the world of showbiz and the lengths individuals are willing to go to achieve fame and success. The story revolves around the main characters, Jaehui and Seonjae, who become embroiled in a deliberate scandal orchestrated by a talent agency.

The series effectively captures the dynamics of the entertainment industry, delving into the manipulation of public perception, media frenzy, and the pressures faced by those seeking recognition. The concept of intentionally creating a scandal to boost one’s career adds an interesting twist to the narrative, sparking curiosity and anticipation among readers.

The characters are well-developed, with Jaehui and Seonjae serving as relatable protagonists. Their sibling bond adds depth to the story, as Jaehui grapples with his concern for Seonjae’s well-being while also supporting his brother’s aspirations. The evolution of Seonjae’s character as he undergoes a dramatic transformation provides an element of mystery and growth throughout the series.

The plot is filled with suspense and unexpected twists, keeping readers hooked and eager to discover the outcome of the intentional scandal. The exploration of the consequences and ethical implications of such a scheme adds a thought-provoking layer to the story.

The series also offers insights into the power of the media and the public’s fascination with celebrity scandals. It prompts readers to reflect on the blurred lines between reality and manufactured narratives in the entertainment industry.

Overall, “An Intentional Scandal” is a captivating series that combines elements of drama, intrigue, and self-discovery. It offers an entertaining and thought-provoking journey into the world of fame, ambition, and the consequences of manipulating public perception.

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