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Review Movie Pretul Fericirii Ep 135 Rezumat

In the vibrant city of Istanbul, “The Price of Happiness” (Pretul Fericirii) unfolds a compelling story about forbidden love and complicated relationships. This Turkish drama weaves a tapestry of intrigue and ambition, enthralling millions of viewers. Pretul Fericirii Ep 135 Rezumat will talk about the next developments of this exciting drama to people. Let’s watch this movie with

Review Movie Pretul Fericirii Ep 135 Rezumat

I. Introduction to the movie Pretul Fericirii

“Pretul Fericirii” (Yasak Elma) is a Turkish movie series that airs on Kanal D. The show combines elements of drama and comedy, and has attracted millions of viewers with its complex storyline and well-developed characters.

Zeynep is a beautiful girl who adheres to her moral values and works as an assistant director. When the company she works for is taken over by another company, she starts working with Alihan, a wealthy, serious and arrogant young businessman. Despite initially having a strained relationship, Alihan gradually develops feelings for Zeynep and their love is forbidden.

  • Main Name: Yasak Elma
  • English name: The Price of Happiness
  • Country: Turkey
  • Directed by: Neslihan Yesilyurt, Murat ztürk, Ece Erdek Koçoğlu
  • Status: Updating
  • Episodes: 135
  • Actors: Eda Ece, Talat Bulut, Onur Tuna, afak Pekdemir, evval Sam
  • Views: 390448
  • Followers: 90423
  • Broadcast year: 2018-2023
  • Genre: Drama, Romance

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II. The characters in the movie

Here are some important characters in the movie “The Price of Happiness” (Yasak Elma):

Zeynep: Is a beautiful girl, has high moral values and works as an assistant director. She is drawn into a forbidden love with Alihan.

Alihan: A rich, serious and arrogant young businessman. He develops feelings for Zeynep and faces many obstacles to keep their love alive.

Yildiz: Zeynep’s sister, living together in Istanbul. She is an important character and is drawn into the events and contradictions of the story.

Meric: An employee in the company, showing a one-sided love for Dogan and is one of the factors that cause conflict in the relationship between the characters.

Cagatay: Yildiz’s ex-husband and the father of their son. He tries to convince Yildiz to get back with him and creates some complicated situations.

Handan: The mother of Zeynep and Yildiz, a conspiratorial and ambitious figure, frequently involved in schemes to change the characters’ fates.

Ender: Dogan’s ex and Zeynep’s co-worker. She often plays a role of encouragement and disturbance in relationships.

Kumru: The daughter of Yildiz and Cagatay, a young but important character in the story.

III. The Pretul Fericirii Ep 135 Rezumat

Yildiz, feeling disappointed after witnessing Dogan and Meric kissing, leaves her office. Dogan wants to explain to her that she is not like her appearance suggests, but she doesn’t listen. He tells Meric that there will never be anything between them because he loves his wife.

When Yildiz returns home feeling down, Cagatay calls her and suggests taking their son to the playground. He convinces her to join them, and they have a pleasant time together. Yildiz accidentally hits Cagatay in the eye, leading her to take him to the hospital. Cagatay then uses this incident as an opportunity to meet Yildiz, trying everything to persuade her to come back to him.

Yildiz believes him but tells Dogan that she still hasn’t decided whether she wants their marriage to be real or not. Handan arranges for Gulsah, who was hired to replace Meric, to approach Dogan. However, Gulsah fails and tries to manipulate Dogan, but he is unconcerned because he has surveillance cameras in his office and their conversation has been recorded.

Handan turns to Ekin to help her reconcile with Kumru. Ekin pretends to accept but then tells Kumru that her mother asked him to meet her at a restaurant to talk. The two of them go to the restaurant and try to provoke Handan by discussing how he abandoned her. Handan doesn’t give up, even then, and even manages to gain Ekin’s sympathy.

On another day, Dogan tries to make amends with Kumru and sets aside his pride by going to the restaurant where she works as a customer. Yildiz accompanies him. Handan also goes to the restaurant afterward. Ekin, noticing their hesitation, gives Kumru a day off so her parents won’t make her uncomfortable. Kumru is very impressed.

Handan warns Yildiz that Dogan has a dark past. Yildiz wonders if it is true but then thinks that Handan lied to her out of jealousy and a desire to break them up. Yildiz saves Kumru from an uncomfortable situation with some customers.

Ender and Handan devise another plan. If they can’t convince Yildiz that Dogan is unfaithful, they will make her suspect him. They arrange for Yildiz and Cagatay to meet at a house, making them believe their son will be there with his kindergarten friends. Ender tells Dogan that the two are dating and gives him the address of the house.

IV. Watch A Movie Pretul Fericirii Ep 135 Rezumat

V. Highlights in the movie Pretul Fericirii Ep 135

Pretul Fericirii Ep 135 Rezumat has the following outstanding elements:

Forbidden Love: The story revolves around a forbidden love between Zeynep and Alihan, the two main characters. Their attraction and struggle to keep this love alive creates a tense and exciting storyline for the audience.

Complex plot: The film has a complicated plot with many contradictions, plots and conflict situations. Character development and gradually revealed secrets make the story more engaging and unpredictable.

Multi-dimensional characters: The characters in the film are elaborately built and have many different sides. They have their own dreams, struggles and growth, creating a multi-layered layer in the story.

Combination of drama and comedy: The movie “The Price of Happiness” combines drama and comedy, creating a balance between these elements. Humorous situations and witty dialogue bring laughter and entertainment to the audience.

Family relationships: Family relationships in the film are exploited in a rich and complex way. Confrontation, jealousy, and love in the family create notable conflicts and situations.

Excellent acting: Actors in the film show their talent and attachment to their roles. The expressiveness and ability to express deep emotions make for an impressive acting experience for the audience.

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